WopArt Fair 2021

VENUE: Exhibition centre Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland
START: 18/11/2021
END: 21/11/2021

AKKA Project is pleased to announce its participation at WopArt 2021, an art fair dedicated to artworks on paper, happening in Lugano, from 18 to 21 November 2021.

“As for my art, I tend not to make it a conclusion but a conversation…”

Maina Boniface

Featured artists:

Maina Boniface, inquisitive artist inspired by human reactions and his daily encounters which he shows with his surrealist figures and is currently experimenting with a combination of abstract and surrealism. The figures and forms in his work are distorted, sometimes exaggerated to marry the mood that the work exudes. The curiosity to know and try to comprehend how things and people coexist brings out a path of discussion between the work and the viewer thus leaving a sense of the undefined and room for further interpretation.

Maina Boniface, EVERY MAN'S BURDEN, 2021 (76cm x 152) Acrylics and inks on watercolor paper

Onyis Martin, artist deeply connected to contemporary urban society, his paintings, sculptures, and works on paper explore, portray and reflect on current issues affecting not only the African continent but the world as a whole. Delving into global concerns such as human trafficking, migration, political and institutional corruption, repressive environments, and displacement, Martin’s works also explore issues of freedom, communication, rapidly evolving technological information, and consumerism.

MARTIN ONYIS, Something old something new VIII, Indian Ink on watercolor paper, cm 41 x 32

Workneh Bezu Kassa, artist who creates artworks that feature mothers and children, their emotional connection and that represent an array of human emotions such as sadness, happiness, frustrations, and many more. 

WORKNEH BEZU, Angel in the sky, Acrylic on soft paper, cm 120 x 110

Lehlogonolo Mashaba in his drawings and prints explores actual questions about origins, evolution and psychological effects of the mind. Mashaba incorporates texts and lines in his work to construct figures. His work attempts to establish a dialogue between mind, body (human being) and learning. While reconstructing the primal human figure, the artist highlights the strength and frailty of body form, he conveys a human body in a network of lines and text by repetitive text and paper mechanics.

LEHLOGONOLO MASHABA, Disappearance IX, Mixed media drawing on paper, cm 83 x 64

Rodrigo Mabunda gives a second life to those objects that most of us would consider simple waste. Rodrigo recovers and revives these forgotten objects through his vibrant and powerful creativity and transforms them into art. He says: “Now, I always see the potential in the packaging boxes. That is why I sometimes say I’m a “dreamer of the streets” because I adopt these boxes as if they were street children.” He’s inspired by the chaotic movement of the city of Maputo and tells stories through his original illustrations.

Rodrigo Mabunda, Zorro, 2019, ballpoint pen on cardboard, cm 43 x 36.5