Current Exhibitions

African Identities Group Exhibition | Chapter V

AKKA Project is thrilled to announce the fifth and final chapter of African Identities, group exhibition. For the last Chapter 5, the gallery is showcasing works by Gonçalo Mabunda, Reinata Sadimba, Filipe Branquinho, Margaret Ngigi and Peter Mukhaye.

These talented artists come from a fresh new wave of creativity which interacts with the Continent tradition, but at the same time explores different social themes and narratives that characterize contemporary African society. 

On the occasion of the 59th Venice Art Biennale, AKKA Project’s main aim with African Identities exhibitions, is to promote contemporary art from Africa to a wider international  public.

LoVe! Land of Venice | Cescot Veneto

WopArt Fair 2022

Also Known As Africa (AKAA) Art Fair 2022

Artist in Residence program: Pamela Enyonu in Venice

A Small World by Cyrus Kabiru

African Identities | Chapter I – Virtual reality

Kampala Contemporary #Dubai Installation Shot-2

Kampala Contemporary #Dubai – Group exhibition


(Un)fair ArtFair Milano

The Scandal by Filipe Branquinho

Art Dubai 2022

Who Am I? by Margaret Ngigi

Tricolore 2022 | Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku

Matt Kayem | Blue Jeans

MaDzimbahwe – Group exhibition

WopArt Fair 2021

Through my Eyes | Kelechi Nwaneri

Zurich | Pop up exhibition

I Have a dream! | Group exhibition

Photo Basel 2021

Cyrus Kabiru, Artist's residence in Venice, AKKA Project Art Gallery

Artist in Residence program: Cyrus Kabiru in Venice

I Exist! – photographic group exhibition

Rhythmic Elements | Group exhibition

Art Dubai 2021

Deus ex femina | Group exhibition

FOCUS ON UGANDA | Group Exhibition

Goncalo Mabunda at The Foundry

Unfaded Times II: Buluu (Blue) Shadows Series by Jimmy Kitheka


Artist in Residence program: Kelechi Nwaneri in Venice

AKKA Project | Venice Artist Residency: The Concept

Photo London Digital Edition

LIPIKO – a short film about Filipe Branquinho produced by AKKA Project

The Urban Landscape | Group Exhibition

Photo Basel 2020

ART: AN ESSENTIAL NEED | Emergency Grants for artists living in Africa

Art And About Africa, online platform

Art Dubai 2020

Doors, Eyes and Tribal Marks | Group Exhibition

Focus on South Africa | Art-Culture-Cuisine at AKKA Project DUBAI

Venice goes to Dubai | Group exhibition

National Pavilion of Mozambique at the Biennale Arte Venezia

Mozambique: Exploring The In Between | Venezia

Art to Z: spring group exhibition @ Akka Project Dubai

The Photographic Journey of Mohamed Amin

Inspiring Change | A Photographic Journey of Mohamed “Mo” Amin

Celebrating the greatest Maasai Mara photographer of the year with Angama Mara

Behind the lens | Mo Amin

Masquerada | group exhibition | Venezia

Behind the lens | Mario Macilau

Behind the lens | Teddy Mitchener

Africa… & the other 54 Countries: Focus on Kenya

Dot by dot | Mohamed Hamida solo exhibition

Game of Thrones by Goncalo Mabunda

Speaking… and there is still no one to hear me: solo exhibition by Mario Macilau

Walking the line – when everything begins

Africa… & the other 54 countries: Focus on Ethiopia

Okongola by Victor Sitali

Washa, simple tales in complex times

Children of Africa by Armand Boua | Dubai

ASEM Mozambique & AKKA Project friendship

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