About us


Showcasing unique Contemporary Art from Africa and cultural initiatives in Dubai and Venice.

AKKA Project is a commercial gallery and project space that represents and supports artists from the African continent and its diaspora, increasing opportunities for its artists to introduce their work to new geographies.

With two galleries in Dubai and Venice, AKKA Project brings a dynamic new dimension to the art world. The gallery is deeply committed to exploring the African art scene and its kaleidoscopic diversity.
At AKKA Project, we provide primarily emerging artists the opportunity to share their work internationally and start conversations to transcend cultural boundaries.

We strive to promote contemporary African art by creating unforgettable exhibitions and events to inspire, transform and connect people.
At AKKA Project, we offer a fresh perspective on the region’s historical, social, and cultural elements through the stories of contemporary African artists. 

Our mission is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and learning through contemporary African art by supporting African artists and making them accessible to international art communities.

Meet The Founder

Lidija Khachatourian | Thinker

Lidija is captivated by the cultural diversity of the African continent. While exploring Sub-Saharan Africa with her family, she connected with many artists by building her family collection. 

Being closely involved with a wide group of artists, she decided to start the AKKA Project and promote Contemporary Art from Africa. Co-Founder and Managing Director at AKKA Project, Lidija was also the curator of the National Pavilion of Mozambique at the Venice Biennale 2019. 

Given the experience gained and following her passion and the will to further support and sustain the African art scene, she designed Art And About Africa.

Art And About Africa is an interactive map of art spaces, artists’ studios, institutions, and events in the African continent, it is a free platform that allows users to discover the vibrant African art scene, connect with its players, and create unique and bespoken art itineraries.


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