Samuel Djive | Mozambique

Born on 3 June 1979 in Maputo, trained as a graphic designer by the National School of VisualArts, in Maputo.

Djive began painting in 2003 and has since worked in various projects, which involve cultural and social aspects. The later in which he’s currently involved in working with primary school sand universities.

In 2011 started the project “Street Gallery”, a street art project where freedom, creativity, expressiveness, identity sharing and common memories are sought. Without frontiers, ideological, religious, political, social.
The project purpose is to help children using their creativity and intellectuals skills. It’s a way to free children and adolescents from the world of drugs and crime, using art as a means of expressing.
To free children and adolescents from addictions, using art as a means of expressing themselves in peripheral areas themselves in peripheral areas.

Djive is currently enrolled as Design student at ISArC Institute of Arts and Culture. And has taken part of a various group and solo exhibitions and workshops in and outside of the country.

He has also worked in projects alongside Mozambican artists such as Naguib, Malangatana,Victor Sousa, Idassa, Noel langa and others.

Samuel Djive | Mozambique

Selected Works

Participating Exhibitions

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