Rodrigo Mabunda | Mozambique

RODRIGO MABUNDA (b. 1985, Mozambique)

Rodrigo Mabunda is a self-taught artist, whose artistic career began relatively recently, in 2015. What initially was a pastime and a source of distraction from his everyday job, has later become his career path.

Initially, he was producing drawings on sheets of paper. But then, by sheer coincidence, a client, who has bought a computer in the shop Rodrigo was working at, has left the packaging behind. Rodrigo picked it up and it instantly became his preferred medium. He has since tried producing artwork on textiles, walls and protective materials, such as packaging foam, but the carton box remained his preferred tool for expression. The artist and the box are constantly in a type of dialogue, since the box endows the artwork with initial structure, guiding the artist’s movements.

Rodrigo Mabunda’s fascination with intricate details and intertwining dynamic elements that compose his works, stems from his childhood passion for traditional Mozambican board games, especially Ntxuva and the surrounding context. Today he is inspired by places, swarming with different people, distinct smells and loud sounds, such as markets and traditional ceremonies. The distinctive quality in his drawings are the eyes that Rodrigo sees as the entry point to each person, a distinguishable characteristic that is unique to everyone and stands out in the totality. His works have a somewhat mystical quality to them and transfer the feeling of interconnectedness.

Rodrigo is represented globally by Akka Project.

Rodrigo Mabunda | Mozambique

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