National Pavilion of Mozambique at the Biennale Arte Venezia

VENUE: Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova 3659, Venezia
START: 11/05/2019
END: 24/11/2019

“Artistically and personally I learnt the need to exercise more patience with myself and my work, the more time you give a painting, the better it becomes.”

National Pavilion of Mozambique at the 58th International Art Exhibition – Biennale Arte 2019, Venezia.‍

We are honoured to be the producers of the National Pavilion of Mozambique at the 58th International Art Exhibition – Biennale Arte 2019, Venezia.

The National Pavilion of Mozambique aims to show, through a contemporary perspective, the troubled past of the nation and its influences in today’s society.

Working with different mediums, Gonçalo Mabunda, Mauro Pinto and Filipe Branquinho, bring to this exhibition a dialogical conversation on violence, corruption and social injustice.

Grew up in a post-colonial period during which the country was engulfed in a long civil war, the artists investigate contemporary politics and popular culture, underpinned by a poetic and sometimes humorous accent. Attentive to what happens around them, particularly to the deeper dimensions of the human experience, their work speaks to our most empathic feelings.

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Beyond the Pavilion of Mozambique

To strengthen the presence of Mozambican art in Venice during Biennale Arte 2019, Akka Project will host a series of exhibitions dedicated to Mozambican artists in its Venetian venue at San Marco 3659/A – Venezia

Participating Artists:

Mauro Pinto was born in 1974, Mozambique and currently lives and works in Maputo, Mozambique.

Through his lens, Mauro is celebrating the everyday world that surrounds him. His shots represent the ways of life of his country of origin and its people, both in the countryside and the city.

Mauro Pinto, Resiliência from the series BlackMoney, 2019

Gonçalo Mabunda was born in 1975 in Mozambique and currently lives and works in Maputo.

He’s interested in the collective memory of his country which has only recently emerged from a long and terrible civil war and he works with arms, recovered in 1992, at the end of the sixteen-year conflict that divided the region.

Gonçalo gives anthropomorphic forms to AK47s, rocket launchers, pistols, and other objects of destruction. His work takes on a striking Modernist edge akin to imagery by Braque and Picasso. The deactivated weapons carry strong political connotations and convey a positive reflection on the transformative power of art and the resilience and creativity of African civilian societies.

Goncalo Mabunda, The architect of the circle, 2019

Filipe Branquinho was born in 1977 in Mozambique and he currently lives and works in Maputo.

Brought up in an environment closely connected to Maputo’s journalistic and artistic spheres, Branquinho’s aesthetic combines familiarity with the architecture and the “school” of Mozambican photography

Filipe Branquinho, L0íder comunitário, 2019

Installation shots

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