Kampala Contemporary #Dubai Installation Shot-2

Kampala Contemporary – Group exhibition

VENUE: AKKA Project, Dubai
START: 30.05.2022
END: 30.07.2022


    Kampala Contemporary #Dubai exhibition presents powerful perspectives on cultural traditions, Ugandan identity, feminism, politics and the overarching combination of these subjects. The artists take inspiration from their distinctive and rapidly evolving culture while commenting on tradition.

    ” My subjects of exploration vary from my personal experiences, gender and the sociopolitical ironies of life.”



    The artists’ common focus is exploration, bringing light to topics hidden on the sidelines and telling their stories to the world – witnessed through their own eyes. The six selected contemporary artists work with various mediums, from fabrics, collages, and acrylics on canvas to woodcut prints.

    Participating artists

    Ismael Kateregga was born in Kampala in 1980 where he still currently lives and works.He gets inspiration from daily activities from the streets of Kampala: beaches, boats on lake Victoria and animals. Although his style renders less detail, his strength lies in forms, controlled light, and perspective.

    Ismael Kateregga, Boats, 2017

    Michael Matthew Kayiwa was born in the small town of Mityana, Uganda. He currently lives and works in Kampala. Matt’s textural creations show a deep influence by surrealism and pop art. Through daily representation, the artist presents us His “Afropop” aesthetic that explores themes like race, religion and sexuality.

    Matt Kayem, Stuntin' From The Intersection, 2021

    Pamela Enyonu was born in 1985 in Kampala, Uganda where she still currently lives and works. Pamela’s style is inspired by stories, materials, and the process it takes to transform them into works of art. Her works present a tactile and 3-dimensional quality that richly layered textures exploring narratives on gender, identity, empowerment, and self-awareness.

    Pamela Enyonu, Gano Amagujju, 2021

    Ronex Ahimbisibwe was born in Rucence, Uganda in 1977 and currently works and lives in Kampala. He believes that expressing himself creatively in whatever form, shouldn’t be a straight line or shouldn’t be limited by style, medium, rules, or norms. Ronex artworks embody his joy, frustration, inspiration, and his perception into tangible objects.

    Ronex Ahimbisibwe, Thoughts 1, 2018

    Remmy was born in 1994 in Kampala, Uganda, where he is currently living and working. He is inspired by the love for cultural traditions of his country and in Dutch wax, he represents the African contemporary youth despite the chronological changes and western influence of its culture.

    Remmy Servadda, Untitled, 2021

    Doddridge was born in 1990 and lives and works in Kampala, Uganda.  Busingye seeks monumentality through simplified composition, a firm structure, and a harmonious interrelation of idealized forms and colors. His color pallets usually play with balance of contrast and harmony of value, shades and tints. In his portraits, he tends to paint dark bodies but with vivid colors

    Doddridge, Girl wirh cigarette and Promise of Fire, 2021

    Ngula Kiire Yusuf  was born in 1986 in Kampala, Uganda where he currently lives and works. He is a self-taught artist who has been professionally painting since 2008. 

    His practice is moved by a tremendous ambition to impact society and employs psychological tools with the purpose of challenging the viewers and triggering their curiosity. His preferred medium is oil painting and he uses it to create realistic images that conceal a cultural investigation. Ngula uses society as his faithful guide through his intellectual investigation borrowing inspirations from the 90s TV shows, church confessions, social reforms, economy and politics.

    Ngula-Kiire Yusuf, Untitled 2, 2022


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