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Jimmy Kitheka, born in 1993 in Kenya, where he lives and works, is an impressionistic artist captivated by sceneries and landscapes that augur a sense of nostalgia.
He mostly uses oil paints and chalks pastels to portray effects on a painting or a sketch, to look retro or like a memory.
He has been involved in workshops working with kids and adults in different places in Kenya, such as Olepolos primary school (Maasai school, kajiado county) where he led a workshop for a year under an UN-based organization called Artist for development.

He has been working as a full-time artist and art teacher for the past five years.

“It is through these classes that I have learned to inspire others to freely express themselves portray the world as they truly see it. Helping others master their talent and nurturing them is what really motivates me to as I believe in their mission.” – Jimmy states

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