A Small World by Cyrus Kabiru

Solo Exhibition

VENUE: AKKA Project Venice, Italy
START: 01.09.2022
END: 28.10.2022

With A Small World by Cyrus Kabiru, AKKA Project presents the outcome of Kabiru’s staying in Venice in 2021, following its Venice Artist Residency Program

During the time I spent in Venice, I met a lot of nice people, I remember walking around with them and my artworks are inspired by these moments“.

Cyrus Kabiru

The exhibition consists of works produced during Cyrus’ stay in Venice from August 25th to October 31st, 2021, as well as works created in his studio in Nairobi with Venetian found objects that he has carried with him to Kenya.

The Briccola

The city of Venice is entirely built on thousands of wooden pillars, immerse in the lagoon’s waters, and commonly called “briccole”. Cyrus was so intrigued by this idea, that he decided to create an artwork that would represent this small, delicate but yet majestic and grand city. This is how A Small World came about.

Cyrus Kabiru, Briccola (installation shot), 2022, Original Briccola wood, scrap metal and recycled material, H 160 Ø 25, AKKA Project

The Gondola

Another distinctive element of Venice is the so-called “pettine”, part of the typical Venetian boats, the Gondolas, and representing the six districts in which the city is divided into. “I could hear the gondoliers singing while rowing across the canal. This is when it hit me, the “pettine” of the gondola must become a musical instrument“, declares Cyrus.

Cyrus Kabiru, Gondola (installation shot), 2022, Original "gondola's pettine", scrap metal and recycled material, 160 x 70 x 3 cm, AKKA Project


Cyrus’s chosen medium of expression emphasizes the concept of repurposing and his nostalgic connection to humble objects around him. Best known for his self-portraits and C-Stunners, Cyrus’s work reflects his standpoint providing viewers with a fresh set of lenses.

Cyrus Kabiru Wearing Rialto Bridge, 2022, Giclée print on Hahnemule fine art paper 310 gm, 100 x 100 cm, AKKA Project

Installation Shots

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