The Scandal by Filipe Branquinho

“Filipe’s work is very deep, it digs into the heart of the Mozambique culture, politics, ways of living, the country’s natural beauty, costumes, corruption and its monstrosities.”

Lidija Kostic Khachatourian, AKKA Project Founder

The exhibition The Scandal captures and explores social issues related to the contemporary reality of Mozambique, investigating its folkways, mythology, and urban dynamics.

The works depict the overarching themes of worldwide greed and malaise. As an exhibition, it lays bare the socio-political void of Mozambique.

Filipe drew inspiration from the 2.7 billion dollar scandal circling the “tuna bond” debt crisis in Mozambique that led to international attention. The artworks depicting the sea and fish are a startling narration of how a tuna fishing fleet sunk Mozambique’s economy and rocked the country. The money which the government borrowed to set up a sophisticated tuna industry was allegedly diverted to corrupt officials. “Back in Mozambique, 19 individuals, including the son of former President Armando Guebuza, have gone on trial”. (BBC). The artwork series “From the School of Thieves” signifies a ‘’school of burglar fishes’’ and symbolizes the individuals’ actions when taking bribes. The message evoked is the social behaviour of the parties involved; how they follow each other blindly and coordinate in synchronization. “Since the crisis, Mozambique saw its currency lose a third of its value over the course of 2016, the year it defaulted.” (Retuers)

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Part of the exhibition “The Past, The Present and The in Between, for the National Pavillion of Mozambique presented on the occasion of the Venice Art Biennale 2019,

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