Showtime is inspired in the work of two mozambican masters of photography. The idea came from the book “Our nighly bread” by Ricardo Rangel, photographed in Araújo street, the so-called «sin street» in Lourenço Marques, now Bagamoyo street in Maputo, and from some of José Cabral’s nudes, a semi-spontaneous work. Using these images, I started by drawing an illustration and that led, afterwards, to the urge to take some photos, to photograph women the way José Cabral does but in a Ricardo Rangel scenario. Unlike Rangel, who took a lot of photographs of the street and the bars, I wanted to delve a bit deeper, to get to the centre – the hotel rooms which already existed in Rangel’s time, ffty years ago, and oddly are still there today. I visited the hotels, talked to the owners and saw the rooms. I fnd out a Hotel where six of the ffteen or twenty rooms are paid by the hour, at two hundred meticais [fve euros]. These rooms, where the prostitutes take their customers during the day and night, are called «showtime». I decided to photograph the women from Bagamoyo street in the rooms they use. Every customer has a fantasy and I, as a customer, paid for the rooms and the women to be there and my fantasy was to photograph them. They asked me: «How much you pay?» I paid the hourly rate just like any customer.

Based on a interview with José Pinto de Sá in 2013.

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