Yusef Lule | Ethiopia

“I like working on things that impress me. It is not that I particularly search for them, they just appeal to me”.


Yusef Lule was born in 1977 in Ethiopia, where he still lives and works.
He works through Habesha Art Studio where he contributes to the Ethiopian contemporary movement. His inspiration is coming from what he sees, leaves, and mainly feels daily, given his sensitivity, and therefore his artworks are influenced by Ethiopian life as well as by the places he travelled to in life. Recently, he has focused on social changings in Ethiopia.

According to the artist, painting has to be fun, because “When I am done with the enjoyment, it means that the image is finished”. In his pieces of art, Yusef never highlights the messages concealed behind them; on the contrary, he puts all his efforts on the lines he uses in painting. Even if the theme is “the last bit of his thoughts”, as he would say, in the end it always emerges from the canvas, and Lule’s touch is clearly recognizable.


Selected group exhibitions

Art to Z: spring group exhibition, AKKA Project Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Africa.. and the Other 54 Countries: Focus on Ethiopia, AKKA Project Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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