Yosef Lule, born 1977 lives and works in Ethiopia

Yosef works through Habesha Art Studio where he contributes to the Ethiopian contemporary art movement. His inspiration is coming from what he sees, leaves, and mainly feels daily given his sensitivity and therefore, his work is influenced by Ethiopian life as well as by the various travels he had. Recently, he has been more concentrating on the changes of life style in Ethiopia, and its influence on the society.

“I like working on things that impress me, it is not that I particularly search for them they just appeal to me. I enjoy painting; I do not stop painting until I run out of fun, when I am done with the enjoyment it means that the image is finished. I always have the lines that I use in my paintings, I do not focus on the message when I paint the message is the last bit of my thoughts.

I may not focus on the theme primarily but at the end there will always be a theme. I want people to associate with my work like children associate clouds to different shapes. I rather let the viewer tell me what he sees in my work then he explains it to me.”

Yosef Lule | Ethiopia

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