Vincent Osemwegie | Nigeria

Born in 1977 in Nigeria and creative from childhood, Vincent studied painting in an art school. He made South Africa his home since 2009. Haven failed in various attempts to succeed as an artist/business man in previous years, the year 2013 marks a drastic turn around in Vincent’s artistic career when he made a firm decision to take on art full-time. This in turn translated into his technique evolving “from realistic to expressive”. Enjoying the freedom found in his resent technique, Vincent creates images with drippings of paints, with little or no brush contact to his work surface. The manner in which he moves his brush over his canvas results in the variation of his lines sizes, giving them distinct uniqueness. His notable work portrays Kitty Phetla, known for her performance of “The Dying Swan” at the Royal Carre Theater at the Faranani concert for Nelson Mandela in Amsterdam in 2002. Inspired by this ballerina’s passion, dedication, focus and hard work towards her career; Vincent’s major works portray ballet dancers in their “moments”.

Vincent has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Johannesburg, including one organized by Bronwyn Lace, with his most recent at the Lizamore & Associates. His first solo Exhibition was held at the LAE in Maboneng. He believes art is spiritual and acknowledges God as his sole inspiration. His paintings are usually symbolic and the use of stitches expresses his belief in “making right, to our best capabilities, the wrong things we come across in life, before considering the option of discarding them.”

His desire to work with media that are yet to be explored in the art has recently landed him to paint on Perspex, and this has impacted his artistic career positively.

Spending most of his time painting in his studio located in a quiet part of Johannesburg, Vincent enjoys the serenity that area of the city offers.

Vincent Osemwegie | Nigeria

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