Ventura Mulalene Zucula | Mozambique

“I’m searching for a cast. My past is the greatest figure in my present reality and it constantly brings me back to the day I was born. I need to find the one element I could use to build my genetic tree: “The Identity Bracelet” which is commonly assigned to newborns. To me, it’s a symbol to ask for vision and to be smart”

Ventura Mulalene Zucula was born in 1991 in Inhambane, Mozambique and currently lives and works in Maputo.

He holds a degree in Textiles and pedagogical training from the National School of Visual Arts as well as a Degree in Visual Arts from the Higher Institute of Arts and Culture.

He started his artistic career in 2009 in a group exhibition at the House of Culture in Inhambane and since then he has participated in several exhibitions both in galleries and cultural centers in Mozambique. 

He was selected for a training in curatorship which resulted in a collective exhibition project called “(re)imagine the nation-Dialogues Arts” which took place at MUSART- National Museum of Art.

Selected exhibitions

African Identities, AKKA Project Venice, Venice, Italy

Arte de Gema at African Galleries Now 2022, Arte de Gema

Arte de Gema at Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2021, Arte de Gema

Collective exhibition at Nucleo de Arte Maputo

Crescent-Kulunguana collection


Painting award “Bridge that connects lives, Cultural Center Mozambique German – CCMA

Selected Works



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