Tanaka Mazivanhanga | Zimbabwe

“It’s about taking the viewer on a journey of discovery of everyday spaces, surfaces, and the forgotten relics of the urban landscape. I aim to evoke the viewers curiosity through the exploration of layering on the surface, which encourages the practice of looking. Further evoking them to interact with their surroundings and those around them. My object pieces, reflect on the need for physical and tangible objects other than simply for the exploration of materiality. They comment on the notion of disregard for physical things and objects, society’s relationship and dependency on technology, and lack of human interaction. We live in a fleeting society; there is increasingly less physical evidence of our existence and memories.”

Tanaka Mazivanhanga was born in 1991 in Zimbabwe, she currently lives and works in London.

She studied Art and Design at Havering College and graduated in Architecture from Kingston Univerity in 2014. She later got a master degree in Visual Arts and Printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts in London. 

The Zimbabwe-born artist focuses on challenging perceptions of space by presenting her memories of transient surfaces and spaces in an unfamiliar way, drawing out the curious in the everyday. Her work documents the textures, marks and fragments of overlooked and forgotten relics of the urban landscape. 

She aims to draw out the details and beauty of the mundane, to bring to the observer details and aspects they would not have previously acknowledged due to an automated familiarity and stimulating the curiosity of the viewer by urging them slow down from their everyday lives in order to think about their familiar in a new way. 

Tanaka facuses mainly on three areas: printmaking, casting and object making.

In 2019 she both won the Bainbridge Print Studio Award and East London Printmakers Award.

Selected exhibitions

African identities, AKKA Project Venice, Venice, Italy

artHARARE, Contemporary Online Fair
East London Printmakers Festival Of Print 2021, Art Pavilion, London
Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London
Celebrating Black History Month, Appleby Gallery, London
Un I Veiled, Brocket Gallery, London
Mayfair Art Weekend, London
My Love Is Your Love, Every Woman Biennial, London

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (Online), London
IG11 and RM10 Art Trail, London

Clifford Chance Postgraduate Printmaking, A Survey Exhibition, London
Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London
MA Select Show, Camberwell Space, London
MA Visual Arts Summer Show, Camberwell College of Arts, London
Celebrating Women’s History Month, Brentwood Road Gallery, London

2019 Bainbridge Print Studio Award
2019 East London Printmakers Award

Publications and media
2021 Printmaking Issue, Winter 2021, Under The Bridge
2020 An Interview with Tanaka Mazivanhanga, She Curates (Online)
2020 Conversation Pieces, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (Online)
2020 Building Islands, Issue 116, Printmaking Today
2020 Location, Issue 01, Fragmented Magazine

Member of the following organizations
Woolwich Contemporary Editions

Selected Works



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