“I want my audience, whether male or female, to look at one of my women and be able to identify with her story and the meaning behind her name. I want her to represent a message, a memory, a story, or a prayer for the viewer.”

REWA was born in 1987 in Nigeria where she currently lives and works.

She grew up in London and started her professional career in the UK before moving back to the continent. Rewa uses art as a form of therapy that brings her peacefulness and represents the visual diary of her feelings and of her life.

REWA’s main subject is “Woman”, celebrated in all her varied forms. By portraying her own emotions and feelings in her women, she acknowledges the female genre and introduces the audience to the strength, beauty, and diversity of female identity. Each of her women is unique and Rewa’s visual embodiment of them showcases their varied emotions.

REWA’s preferred media are acrylics and watercolors on cartridge paper; she likes the immediacy, proximity, and transparency they provide. The vibrant colors she uses give a unique edge to her work and she subconsciously embellishes her women with her own spirit via her color choices.

REWA | Nigeria

Selected Works

REWA, The lady in the white top

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