Photo Basel 2020

VENUE: Online
START: 17/06/2020
END: 21/06/2020

Photo Basel | Online Art Fair 2020

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Participating Artists

Teddy Mitchener was born in 1972 in Washington DC but he’s currently based in Nairobi, Kenya where he’s the head photographer at the House of Photography.

Teddy is a self-taught photographer, having picked up his first camera in 1992 under the tutelage of his father, Willie Brown. He earns his living in Kenya primarily as a commercial photographer in the advertising industry and on private commissions.

For Teddy, photography is simply one of the many mediums he uses to express his creativity. A graduate of The Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Teddy credits the institution with broadening the limits of his creativity and instilling in him the love of other art forms such as plaster and stone sculpting, woodwork, pencil drawing, and painting. The merging of these mediums is what now informs Teddy’s projects and inspires his creative photography concepts.

Teddy has now made his foray into the world of art exhibitions, creating conceptual art photography pieces that speak to the social-cultural dynamism that he is witnessing in Africa today. 

Teddy has crafted signature art photography pieces for magazine, publications, and private commissions.

Makishi mask (series Disappearing Africa), 2018, Fine Art Archival - print on Hahnemühle 308grs, 100% cotton rag paper, 67 x 100 cm

Mauro Pinto was born in 1974 in Maputo, Mozambique where he still currently lives and works.

In the early 1990s, Mauro Pinto studied photography at Monitor International School in Johannesburg and during this period he did an internship with the photographer José Machato. Then, he moved to Maputo where he worked next to the pioneer of photojournalism in Mozambique, Ricardo Rangel.

Mauro Pinto it’s considered one of the most recognized contemporary photographers of Mozambique.

Through his lens, Mauro is celebrating the everyday world that surround him. His shots represents the ways of life of his country of origin and its people, both in the countryside and the city. For the body of works “the milieu” he’s entering in people lives to document and show to the world the complex and tough life of this social class. In his shots he is able to represent people’s lives and their feelings through the places and objects of the people he wants to describe. Through a skilful use of light and space his shots are full of social and emotional tension able to involves the viewer and bring it into the scene.

Mauro Pinto, Resiliência from the series BlackMoney, 2019