Nadia Wamunyu | Kenya

“The universe neglected my hearing but gave me sight and mind to work with. My art is an expression of myself”.

Nadia Wamunyu was born in 1993 and is a well-established Kenyan contemporary visual artist and gallerist living and working in Nairobi, Kenya.

She started drawing at a young age of three, greatly supported by her parents who bought her watercolors and brushes.

After loosing her ability to hear due to a medical error, her dad encouraged her to be creative in different ways immediately after this unfortunate incident.
Nadia’s art career officially began at the GoDown Art Centre while in high school under the tutelage of renowned Kenyan painter Patrick Mukabi.

Most of her earlier works were charcoal drawings and oil impressionism paintings capturing random people, faces, figures and later on scenes from Lamu town, a small magical town in Lamu island.

Later on Nadia started exploring different mediums and forms of expression like ink, coffee, pastel, charcoal, chlorine, mixed media and photography.
Her recent figurative ink works on watercolor paper are studies of herself: “I use my half Nubian female body as a way to express my emotions, insecurities and past experiences as a young African woman. In a broader perspective these works address extreme cases of identity crisis among most young African women, who are not confident in their skin color and bodies. I’m also interest in narratives surrounding women, feminism, gender inequality, sexual harassment, discrimination and mental health.”

Nadia Wamunyu’s works have been showcased both locally and internationally: GoDown Art Centre, Village Market, Alliance Francaise, Kuona Artists Collective, US Embassy, British Council, Baitil Aman in Shela, Lamu Fort, Nairobi Museum, Polka Dot Art Gallery, Circle Art Gallery, Absa Gallery in South Africa, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in South Australia and many more.

She participated severally in the Manjano Art Competition & Exhibition, a prestigious annual art competition and exhibition by GoDown Art Centre and she won the first prize in the student category in 2013 and third prize in the artist category in 2020. 

She is currently a member of the Kobo Trust Artists studio, best known as Seven Artists along Riara Road.

Selected Works


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