Mauro Bonaventura | Italy

Mauro Bonaventura born 1965, lives and works in Italy.

In 1983, with a diploma in electronics and while looking for his first job, he began – almost by accident – to work as an apprentice at a Venetian glass furnace.

From that moment on, he began to learn the techniques of glass blowing and decorating, and to develop a passion for the material. In 1992, through his friendship with an artisan who used the lampworking technique, he too began using this process, which now has become his technique of choice.

Fascinated by the creative and artistic aspects of the glassmaking craft, he received a diploma in 2003 from the Liceo Artistico in Venice, where he studied drawing, painting, and sculpture, but where he, above all, expanded his study of the human figure.

Bonaventure’s works are incredible reflections of his interests, his life, and his training. They are often intricately shaped objects, usually spheres created by mostly random tangles of sinuous strands of colored glass that bring to mind electrical circuits or branches of nerve cells.

Often these colored cages contain male or female bodies, alone or in pairs, graceful and harmonious as they attempt to break free from the tangled filaments.

Bonaventure’s works seem to unleash an almost contrasting tension that, on one hand, clings to and envelops his figures with the multi-colored snarls that entangle them and yet, on the other, opens the doors of another world, of a faraway freedom, perhaps the most important, that of ideas and the spirit.

Mauro Bonaventura | Italy

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