“I’ve been an artist at heart all my life”

Margaret Njeri Ngigi was born in 1996 in Kenya and currently lives and works in Nairobi.

She’s a passionate emerging photographer, filmmaker, and film production student at the United States International University-Africa.

While Margaret has been an artist in many forms since she was young, she has just started her journey with the camera over the last four years and with filmmaking two years ago.

Women have been and continue to be the center of most of her projects and by taking those images she makes an image of herself and tries to bring these issues affecting women to the limelight. Another topic she holds dearly is mental illness, represented by using bandages, flower-crowns, and cages to convey the message.

Her work has been shown in local and international galleries.

Margaret Ngigi | Kenya

Selected Works

Untitled, Mke Mwema, 2020, 841x594 cm
Untitled, Mke Mwema, 2020, 84.1x59.4 cm
Untitled, Mke Mwema, 2020, 84.1x59.4 cm

Participating Exhibitions