Margaret Ngigi | Kenya

“I’ve been an artist at heart all my life” 

Margaret Njeri Ngigi was born in 1996 in Kenya and currently lives and works in Nairobi.

She’s a passionate emerging visual artist, photographer, filmmaker, currently pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Film Production and Directing at United States International University of Africa. While Margaret has been an artist in many forms since she was young, she has been practising photography for six years now,  in which she has been nominated for awards such as photo London emerging photographer of the year. She has exhibited her work in international art fairs such as Photo Basel and worked with galleries such as AKKA project Dubai and Venice. over the last four years and with filmmaking two years ago.

Women have been and continue to be the centre of most of her projects and by taking those images she makes an image of herself and tries to bring these issues affecting women to the limelight. This is very important for her as women all around her continue to be oppressed by the society she lives in, and yet these issues are not talked about. Another  topic she holds dear is mental illness which she addresses in her work.  While she enjoys creating photographs and films, what drives her is the need  to start conversations on issues that affect women and society at large. She is very passionate about  feminism and the need to have safe spaces where women are able to hold conversations and also relate  with her work and not feel alone with whatever issues they go through. 

Her environment has always been a source of inspiration for her and in 2019 she started working on a series of photographic works whose English translation from Swahili is “Good Wife” (Mke Mwema). As she says “When I look at my future self, as a wife, I wonder what kind of wife I would like to be and what options society offers me. I mainly use young models, women in their twenties like me. Through dressing and using other elements, such as body painting, I try to represent the different types of women I see in my society”.

Her work has been shown in local and international galleries.



Mke Mwema 
Wrapped Up in My Head 
Producer and director for My love My Best Friend


Awards and nominations

  • Nominated Emerging Photographer of the Year Award 2020, in partnership with Nikon Northern Europe at Photo London (
  • Nominated Best Set Designer in 2019 by Kalasha Film Awards
  • Winner of the renowned pan-African creativity competition for young people MASK Prize in 2019


Selected solo exhibitions 

Margaret Ngigi, Murky Waters, Doyle Wham, London, UK


Selected group exhibitions

African Identities, AKKA Project Venice, Venice, Italy

Deus ex femina, Group exhibition, AKKA Project Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Photo Basel, Virtual Edition – AKKA Project
Photo London, Virtual Edition – AKKA Project
New Faces in Contemporary African Portraiture, Doyle Wham Gallery, London, UK

Transformation / Mabadiliko: a series of animated paintings
Collaboration of MASK and UCA, Zandra Rhodes Gallery, Rochester, UK

Selected Works