Longinos Nagila | Kenya

“Having the opportunity to make work out of my normal geographical space means that I have the freedom to try new things”


Longinos Nagila was born in 1986 in Kenya and currently lives and works in Nairobi.

Longinos is an experimental multimedia visual artist and his work is influenced by a deep love of early cinema and black and white photography, which he blends with paint and transferred images on paper and canvas.

He graduated from the BuruBuru institute of Fine Arts in Nairobi and then moved to Bari, Italy to study documentary and film making at the Apulia Film commission.
Primarily, his work focuses on the process and implications of mass production, industrialization and rapid urbanization through video art and digital imagery.

In recent years Longinos has undertaken a radical change adopting paper to investigate the relationship between shapes and surfaces. These types of works are a personal inquiry of what constitutes an art object, the materials in art and the process of art making.


Selected solo exhibitions:

In Search of Alternative Utopias, The Art Space, Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

Democracy My Piss, Kuona Trust, Nairobi, Kenya

Technicians of the Sacred, The Art Space, Nairobi, Kenya

Selected group exhibitions:

Proximity to Power, Circle Art Gallery/ Goethe Institut Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

African Voices National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Flight Refuge, Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

Error X, Ostrale, Dresden,Germany


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