Linda Hollier | South Africa

Linda Hollier was born in South Africa, currently lives and works in Canada.

She’s an explorer with a pioneer spirit, a keen observer of life and culture filled with boundless curiosity when traveling, whether in cyberspace or around the globe.

Focusing on the energy accompanying a scene, Linda captures images using slow-shutter and then transforms them by creating her textures and blends. She is becoming known for her experimental use of the numerous apps available as she continuously plunges forward into new territory.

Linda has evolved the capacity to smoothly and effortlessly weave the digital potential of her iPhone with the material world of print. Her choice to print on recycled wood and fine Ethiopian veils, as well as her investigation into copperplate, plexiglass, and aluminum, aid in embodying her conceptual ideas about time, space, interconnectedness, rootedness, and movement in her work. She calls these new parameters ‘here2here’.

Her work has been exhibited in Italy, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Qatar, UAE, Switzerland, USA, and Spain.

Linda Hollier | South Africa

Selected Works

Yellow Notice, iPhoneart on wood, 50x50x2 cm
Following suit, iPhoneart on wood, 50x50x2 cm
Linda Hollier, Dissolving, iPhoneart on wood, 50x50x2 cm

Participating Exhibitions

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