Lehlogonolo Mashaba | South Africa

Mashaba, born in 1983, in his drawings and prints Mashaba explores actual questions about origins, evolution and psychological effects of the mind. Mashaba incorporates texts and lines in his work to construct figures, his work attempts to establish a dialogue between the mind, body (human being) and learning.

In 2001 he enrolled at Artist Proof Studio, where he studied Design & Printmaking. After completion, he took an internship Programme with Artist Proof Studio, and later became part of their PRO-Shop team as a Printmaker from 2004 to 2011. When he was part of the studio he became part of the outreach programme, being involved in workshops; 2007 – Block Print Workshop, Artists Proof Studios, Johannesburg (Project coordinated by the Art Bank) and 2008 Print Project, David Krut Workshop, Johannesburg.


I have a lot of respect for words. In some ways, I both love and fear them. Words hold power. The more you know about something, the more it has the ability to change you. I assimilate the ambiguous presence of found texts through successive processes of re-interpretation, reading, writing, printing, incision and layering. I draw attention to the hand-made through the laboursome process of cutting relief prints, which are re-cut on paper and re-assembled. When reconstructing the primal human figure,
my process highlights the strength and frailty of body form. I convey a human body in a network of lines and text by repetitive text and paper mechanics.

I am fascinated by the human form in its most intangible form. This is depicted by drawing human traces without showing the full physical structure. I intend to depict the complexity of the human form by making drawing marks that represent energies. The form can be looked as the paradox of a moment captured in time of metamorphosis through integration or disintegration of cells and atoms, the beginning or the end of natural life that takes a new form.

Lehlogonolo Mashaba | South Africa

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