Kaloki Nyamai | Kenya

“I get inspired by history, popular culture, black in white spaces, white in black space, spaces, human condition, life”.


Kaloki Nyamai was born in 1985 in Nairobi, Kenya, where he currently lives and works. He creates works on canvas, boards, metal, video and installations, which explore the parallels between the past and the present. 

Kaloki is fascinated by the relationships between ancestors and present times, and by the space that divides them. In his works, he has always been asking himself and the viewer: what is the meaning of human behaviour? What about patterns which repeat themselves? How do people exist in time and space? And how do they predict decision making? Kaloki tries to answer these questions through the methodologies of his art. 

Most of Kaloki’s research is based on his 89-years-old grandmother’s past, going way back to the advent of Christianity in Kenya. This journey through the past provides Kaloki with many hints about time, space, social, economic and political decisions, which his works constantly reflect. For example, in Kaloki’s earliest works there is a lack of human presence, absolutely questioning the theme of existence and of identity. 

Nyamai attended the BiFa Institute of Fine Arts; he also participated in Film Africa Film Workshops for production design, working with different movie directors such as Nisisi and Malika.


Selected exhibitions:

Exhibition at Gazzambo Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Exhibition at the Omnibus Art Center, London, UK

Exhibitions at the Millentor Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

Exhibition at the Apthrop Gallery, London, UK

Nyne Magazine, Exhibition Hotel London, London, UK

Oriel las Glyn Weddw Gallery, Wales, UK

Nyamai has had solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally, including Nairobi, Cape Town, London, Dubai, and Hamburg. His works have been featured in the Kampala Biennale (Kampala, Uganda) in 2018. His work is include in private collections across the globe.


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