VENUE: AKKA Project, Venezia
START: 23/04/2022
END: 27/11/2022

On the occasion of the 59th Venice Art Biennale, AKKA Project is thrilled to announce KaleidoscopicA, a group exhibition that aims to highlight the importance of the Arts and Artists from the African Continent.

The first edition of KaleidoscopicA will focus on exploring the art scene of East Africa. Counting on so many different ethnic groups and cultures, talents and styles, AKKA Project aims to present and gather, under one roof, these many artists, including established and young talents, giving them an opportunity for fruitful dialogues.

Each territory is dominated by its own peculiarities, and each one has been fertile soil for the rise of contemporary original and varied artists who masterfully experimented with new subjects, styles and materials during the seven-months-long-exhibition. 

AKKA Project aspires to create a unique and enriching experience, giving the opportunity to the visitors to discover the artists’ stories and works in Venice, during La Biennale 2022.

All this is KaleidoscopicA: a kaleidoscope of artworks and artists from Africa


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