FOCUS ON UGANDA | Group Exhibition

START: 23/2/2021
END: 9/3/2021

The exhibition focuses on different artists from Uganda, working with different media from paint on Recycled oil barrels, Acrylic on Canvas, and collages. The aim is to explore the infinite possibilities of creating art with a special focus on the Ugandan art scene.

“I am inspired by African culture that cuts across all tribal spectrums, craftsmanship, and authenticity to create modern sustainable contemporary African and new media art.”


Participating artists

Xenson (Samson Ssenkaaba) was born in 1976 in Uganda where he still currently lives and works.
He graduated with first-class honors in painting and Graphic Design from the Margaret Trowell
School of Industrial and Fine Arts at Makerere University in 1999.
Xenson is a multi-media artist who interrogates contemporary issues through a synergy of installations, videos, performance, poetry, fashion, and paintings. His work explores the concepts of identity and global circulation of culture against the contextual background of pre and postcolonial history and humanity’s obsessive tendency to hide behind facades, visible or
invisible by intentionally creating a perceived aesthetic of flowers, patterning bright colors and masks around his otherwise unsettling subject matter; a phenomenon he calls ‘Obscured
Identities’. The resulting visual narrative is a reflection of the complexity of contemporary culture and the preservation of memory.
He also works with used cans and recycled materials in an attempt to clean up his environment and avoid the dystopian futures he portrays through his works. The use of recycled and found materials is his commentary on damping and environmental protection discourse.

His work is widely collected in many private and public collections including the Scottish museum and Minneapolis museum of art.

Untitled, Enamel paint on Recycled oil barrels, 165 x 135 cm

“It is not just a profession to me but my refuge and comfort… Without it I seem lost”

Ronex Ahimbisibwe was born in Rucence, Uganda in 1977 and currently works and lives in Kampala.

After graduating from Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts in 2001, Ronex has had many solo exhibitions in Uganda, USA, Germany, Netherlands, and many more. His visual journey mainly entails studio research in a quest to discover his own capabilities, strength and doubts by tapping into the magic of the subconscious.

He believes that expressing himself creatively in whatever form, shouldn’t be a straight line or shouldn’t be limited by style, medium, rules, or norms. In his view, creativity has no boundaries except those delimited by time and matter; one’s physical capacity for work in a quantifiable period of time-space. His desire has always been to create works that curiously blend in the fashion of the legendary double-edged sword: sophistication meeting naivety, chaos meeting order, beauty meeting ugliness, aesthetics meeting free expression, and so on. Ronex artworks embody his joy, frustration, inspiration, and his perception into tangible objects.

The artworks include paintings, sculptures, woodcut prints, digital art and photography, furniture, and mixed-media installations. A wide range of materials he uses include wood, bark cloth, paper, filler paste, glues and raisins, oil, outdoor paints, fiberglass, banana fibers, sand, oxides, aluminum, zinc, bronze, sisal, recycled steel, and cloth.

Ronex Ahimbisibwe, Floating, 2021

“I often go back to artisanal practices of weaving, plaiting, braiding, printing etc. to fill any gaps. This reinforces the relationships I share with my subjects, embedding a bit of my history in each piece”

Pamela Enyonu was born in 1985 in Kampala, Uganda where she still currently lives and works.

She studied Art and Design at the Kyambogo University Banda of Kampala, Uganda. Her artistic career started in 2017 with a 3 months residency at 32 degrees East where she navigated the politics of identity, trauma, and healing. After her residency, she was invited to host a solo exhibition in June 2017. Pamela’s style is inspired by stories, materials, and the process it takes to transform them into works of art. Her works present a tactile and 3-dimensional quality that richly layered textures exploring narratives on gender, identity, empowerment, and self-awareness.  that deals with Ugandan (African) women and their experiences. Pamela is particularly interested in the “untokenized” experiences occupying the intersection of empowerment, mental health, and identity.  She continuously engages with the different communities through collaborations, workshops and seminars.

Pamela Enyonu, Gano Amagujju, 2021
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