Evans Mbugua | Kenya

Each of us has our own story to tell. I portray my life, that of my friends, strangers and lesser strangers. Thus diversity feeds my curiosity towards the world. I take a look at our identities and their hidden faces.

Evans Mbugua was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and currently lives and works in Paris.

He graduated in Graphic Design from the Beaux-Arts de Pau (France).
He has devoted himself to his artistic practice for the past six years creating paintings in shimmering colors on plexiglass plates. He has also collaborated with the high-end jewelry company Maison Chaumet, for which he recently designed six broaches part of the Jewelry collection Les Mondes de Chaumet. 

The place occupied by the urban environment in the work of Evans Mbugua is reflected in the presence of pictograms that fill the entire surface of his photographic paper supports. These spaces, saturated by the accumulation of these motifs, alternate solids, voids, transparency and opacity, shadow and light. The artist has been collecting these elements since 2004 “I weave them graphically, recalling the primary use of fabrics traditionally worn to communicate. These patterns, composed of pictograms, are the basis of a creative project with which I try to create a universal language. »

The human figure occupies a central place in his resolutely figurative work. He draws his subjects from his own experience or that of his more or less close entourage. The major themes he addresses are hope and joy. Hence the energy and vitality that emerge from his achievements. A bias that the artist conceives as a response to the complexity of reality, an alternative to the dark news conveyed by the news. Always tending towards the light, seems to be his leitmotif. This does not prevent him from being lucid about the world in which he evolves.

His works have been featured in galleries across Kenya, Spain, Morocco, New York, and France. Mbugua participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, as well as art fairs, across Africa, USA, and Europe.

Selected solo exhibitions:

Flower Power, Galeria OOA, Sitges, Spain

Dialogue, Gallery of African Art (GAFRA), London, UK

Highlife, Galerie Art-Z, Paris, France

Selected group exhibitions:

African identities, AKKA Project Venice, Venice, Italy

1-54 Art Fair, London, UK

ArtxLagos Fair, Lagos, Nigeria

Metamorphoses II, Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, Saint-Savin, France

Des Portraits et des Hommes, Festival Rio Loco Toulouse , Toulouse, France

Tu m’es indispensable, Galerie Regard Sud, Lyon, France

ArtxLagos Fair, Lagos, Nigeria

1-54 Art Fair, London, UK

Metamorphoses, Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, Saint-Savin, France

Aspiring, ArtCo Gallery, Aachen, Germany

A spectacular now, Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

ArtxLagos Fair, Lagos, Nigeria

1-54 Art Fair, London, UK

Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon

Nairobi, Here we art!, Galeria OOA, Sitges, Spain

Mon Réve Est Pop, Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco

Africa: Alexia Werrie Gallery, Tervuren, Belgium

Afro, Rencontres Avec des Afriques, Galerie de L’Escale, Salignac, France

Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa

London Art Fair, London, UK

Portrait tiré, Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, Saint-Savin, France

AKAA Art Fair, Berlin, Germany

ArtxLagos Fair, Lagos, Nigeria

1-54 Art Fair, London, UK

Afrik’au Coeur, Festival des cultures d’Afrique, Cajarc, France

Exode, Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, Saint-Sevin France

My Collection, MoCADA museum, New York, USA

Style Fusion, Gallery of African Art, London, UK

Mode Is Art: Galerie Joseph, Paris, France

Origines et Trajectoires 2, Piasa Auction House, Paris, France

Familles, Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse, Saint-Savin, France

Le Livre Délivre, Galerie ko21, Paris, France

Origines et Trajectoires, Piasa Auction House, Paris, France

14e Salon des Arts Plastiques, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, France

Afriques à Venir, Galerie ko21, Paris, France

Afric’Art <=> Villetaneuse (COP21), HCE Galerie, Saint Denis, France

La semaine de l’Afrique, UNESCO, France


La semaine du Kenya, UNESCO, France



Etat d’Urgence, Galerie de la Voûte, Paris, France

Selected Works


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