Esther Sweeney | Kenya

“I use photography as a medium to tell stories. My subject matter is mostly Black women and men and my inspiration is life in itself. My work seeks the experiences of Black people including myself and the story of colour and vibrance. Living in Kenya I experience the vibrance of Black skin and colour and I like to tie this vibrance to my work. I hope that my work communicates the delicate balance of life and art.”

Esther Sweeney is a lawyer and an advocate of the high court of Kenya turned independent self-taught Kenyan photographer based in Nairobi.

Due to her passion in telling stories through the lens, she decided to pursue full time photography. Esther’s work is primarily focused on Women, Black People, identity, social issues, the culture, spirit of Africa and African people and she uses vibrant hues to reflect that.

Esther is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Group exhibitions

African Identities, Akka Project Venice, Venice, Italy

9th Annual Beijing Biennial, Beijing, China

Photoville New York, USA

20:20 Exhibition One Off Gallery Nairobi, Kenya

30 under 30 Kioko Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

Solo exhibitions

Black Girls deserve Softness (solo exhibition), Tokyo, Japan

Selected Works