Elisa Mearelli, an Italia artist born in 1984. Her artistic formation began at the School of Art of Fabriano and continued at Urbino where she obtained a Diploma at the School of Art and later a degree at the Academy of fine Arts.

After experiencing animated film and illustration for children during her studies, she found new inspiration in the techniques of classical etching, and later in incision with pyrography on wood. This made her think about marking by finding a more direct relationship between herself and the support medium, because the pressure of the hand, and therefore the emotion and mood, has a strong influence on the final result.

Being born at Fabriano, a town with a historic tradition of paper making, she feel she have a strong bond with this material which she consider to be much more than a common object of everyday use. For her, paper is not just a support to cover with colour, but rather it is the true protagonist of the work of art.

Elisa’s studies focalize on the necessity of leaving an indelible mark on the paper by means of strong invasive actions such as making holes and cuts in it. None of the works can be erased or covered over with colour. The paper has been cut, there is no going back; it has its own form, it tells its own story, like the human skin.

Some of the works can be touched, eyes closed, to give them new form evoked through the sense of touch and the imagination. With others, instead, it is as like being immersed in worlds made up of cut-out layers which eventually sink into a dream. Through the medium of paper Elisa try to create new landscapes to explore, new connections between ourselves and others and between ourselves and the world in which we live.

Elisa Mearelli | Italy

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