Deus ex femina | Group exhibition

VENUE: AKKA Project Dubai, Al Quoz 1, Dubai
START: 15/3/2021
END: 10/4/2021

AKKA Project is pleased to present Deus ex Femina, a group exhibition dedicated to eight female artists from the African Continent.

Working with different mediums and styles, the artists explore and express the diversity and convey their stories, emphasizing their experiences and inspirations behind their works.

“I’ve been an artist at heart all my life”

Participating Artists:

Margaret Njeri Ngigi was born in 1996 in Kenya and currently lives and works in Nairobi.

Women have been and continue to be the centre of most of her projects and by taking those images she makes an image of herself and tries to bring these issues affecting women to the limelight.

Margaret Ngigi, Untitled, Mke Mwema, 2020

Arogunmati Omoyeni was born in Iyin-Ekiti, Nigeria, and currently lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

Omoyeni can be described as a visual artist and her style can be defined as Impressionism Abstract; this is evident in her rendition of abstract figures, lines, painting facial emotion forms with beautiful brush lines strokes mostly in oil, acrylic, and watercolour, on canvases and paper.

Arogunmati Omoyeni, Red roses, 2021

Djakou Kassi Nathalie was born in Cameroon in 1975 but currently lives and works in Nigeria since 2015.

Nathalie studied ceramics for three years at the ‘Institut Samba Superieur’ on a full scholarship. She has been inspired by art since her childhood and started studio practice very early after her university studies.

Nathalie Djakou Kassi, The book, 2021

Pamela Enyonu was born in 1985 in Kampala, Uganda where she still currently lives and works.

Pamela’s style is inspired by stories, materials, and the process it takes to transform them into works of art. Her works present a tactile and 3-dimensional quality that richly layered textures exploring narratives on gender, identity, empowerment, and self-awareness that deals with Ugandan (African) women and their experiences.

Pamela Enyonu, Gano Amagujju, 2021

Patti Endo was born in 1997 in Tokyo, Japan from a Japanese mother and Kenyan father and currently lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.

Patti Endo’s curiosity is drawn to the mysteries of the human body. Through exploratory and intimate figurative and minimalist drawings, Endo documents her inner and outer states of being, spontaneously seeking and charting her path in the world, memorializing both the painful and triumphant facets of her existence.

Patti Endo, Untitled 7, 2017

Reinata was born in 1945 in Homba, Cape Delgado Province, Mozambique.

Reinata is considered one of the most important female artists on the African continent. The artist has received numerous awards and her works are represented in various institutions such as the National Museum of Mozambique, the Museum of Ethnology of Lisbon, the United Nations headquarters in New York, and the Modern Art collection of Culturgest, in addition to numerous private collections around the world.

Reinata Sadimba, Untitled, 2020

REWA was born in 1987 in Nigeria where she currently lives and works.

REWA’s main subject is “Woman”, celebrated in all her varied forms. By portraying her own emotions and feelings in her women, she acknowledges the female genre and introduces the audience to the strength, beauty, and diversity of female identity.


Lizette Chirrime was born in 1973 in Angoche (Nampula), Mozambique and grew up in Maputo. She currently lives and works in Mozambique.

She creates large-scale textile-driven works on canvas with abstract forms rendered in a collage of printed fabrics from Tshwe-tshwe to other so-called African prints associated with dresses on the continent.

Lizette Chirrime, Mother and child bond, 2009


Installation Shots