Deus ex femina | Group exhibition

AKKA Project is pleased to present Deus ex Femina, a group exhibition dedicated to eight female artists from the African Continent.

Working with different mediums and styles, the artists explore and express the diversity and convey their stories, emphasizing their experiences and inspirations behind their works.

Among the eight names, we find Lizette Chirrime, an artist from Mozambique, able to create with the interplay between textiles, abstraction, and art as a therapeutic and spiritual tool, making her art, unique and distinctively African.

Margaret Ngigi, is a keen emerging photographer and filmmaker from Kenya, captivated by women and their role as women, daughters, and wives in her environment; by taking those shoots Margaret makes an image of herself and tries to bring these issues affecting women to the limelight.

We also find Djakou Kassi Nathalie, from Cameroon, inspired by the infinite possibilities of ceramic. Able to combine contemporary and attractive shapes with African traditional decoration, Nathalie creates pieces of art unique and unrepeatable.

The above-mentioned artists are only a few of those who will take part in Deus ex femina. A rich variety of mediums, styles, and stories will dominate the exhibition that, once again, wants to confirm the importance of women’s presence in today’s contemporary art scene.

It will be possible to appreciate all the works throughout the online catalogue on our website, online on Artsy or by appointment in our space in Al Quoz 1, Dubai.

VENUE: AKKA Project Dubai, Al Quoz 1, Dubai
START: 15/3/2021
END: 10/4/2021

Selected Artists

Installation Shots


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