Deborah Engel, a visual artist, born in San Paolo, Brazil in 1977.

Through photography and video she composes images which deal with the issue of the transitory nature of space and time.
This investigation has unfolded, among others, in the her book “OLHONOLHO” (2010, AL publisher, 500 print run)


Loco in Loco is a research by the artist Deborah Engel, about what we look and what we can see. There’s a “gap” between this two issues that is the point of interest for the artist, which works with situations of displacement using the photography as a instrument for those operations.

The artist presents photograph-sculptures mades by collages of 17 photographies with the same image. This assemblage shows a new and vertiginous perspective of the space, fixing the eye of the viewer into a lecture guided by the rhythm of the collages that subvert the perspective of the space: The space grows and decreases at the same time while the viewer watches the piece.

The viewer is invited into a new dimension: a dimension connected by the intuition, the feeling, the look that he usually he never does.

Deborah Engel | Brazil

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