David Aguacheiro | Mozambique

“I’m interested in social and political issues, reconstruction of an identity that was destroyed by Portuguese colonization, the natural environment, and gender equality. Constantly seeking to question what is happening in society, and especially to provoke the viewers – provocation as a means to get people questioning and thinking for themselves.”

David Aguacheiro is a Mozambican filmmaker, multidisciplinary artist, photographer and graphic designer. 

He has a MA in Design and Multimedia, and participated in study exchanges in film, photography and graphic design at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts – Reykjavik, and the Art Academy – Oslo.

He’s participated in several national and international biennials & exhibitions, amongst which

“Being and Becoming” at !Kauru Contemporary Art from Africa – Pretoria (2016), and the residencies SLOW Art “Social Life of Waste” between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique (2016-2017), and Catchupa Factory – Novos Fotógrafos – Mindelo, Cape Verde (2019).

His documentary films, photography and paintings have won international recognition & awards, such as Honorable Mention – National Art Museum of Mozambique (2016).

He works with photography, painting, videoart, metal, and installations. The themes that interest him most are the environment, human rights, and identity, using his work to provoke the viewers –provocation as a means to get people questioning and thinking for themselves.

He is the co-founder and creative director of Aguacheiro Design & Multimedia since 2013, a founding member of the first Mozambican VideoArt association Video Arte Moçambique, and the director and co-founder of emptyroom.art, an art space in Maputo that started in 2019. He was a lecturer in Film and Audiovisual Media at the Superior Institute for Arts and Culture Maputo between 2015-2020.

Group exhibitions

African Identities, Akka Project Venice, Venice, Italy

Solo exhibitions

Forgotten Heroines, Up-Cycles, Videoart residency, Maputo, Mozambique

Take away, installation & photo French-Mozambican Cultural Center, Maputo, Mozambique

More photography projects 

Spirituality, video art project

Madgermany, photography documentary project, work in progress since 2006

Plastic Life, photography project

Selected Works