Danisile Ncube | Zimbabwe

“Life is a book with a lot of pictures to be enjoyed, scrutinized and be added more pictures. Life as a great teacher has it all”


Danisile Ncube was born in July 1970in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. 

He studied art at Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre in Bulawayo. During his career he has worked with well-known artists and photographers such as Zinyange Antony.

Art has been Danisile Ncube’s way of life since 1989 and he has been working tirelessly to find himself and his way of exploring various techniques and forms of art.     Experimentations in photography as one of the mediums he uses in his work brought him to go beyond boundaries to find deep sense and understanding of light, colour, depth, movement, etc. 

Ncube had the opportunity to work with well-known artists and he is always glad to share his skills with others during his workshops. He also works with children to let them grasp the trade, carry on the tradition and taste the therapeutic feel of Art.

The freedom of expression has always been the drive, helping him in transmitting  what he captures in the world and from people, especially those who have no voice, thus giving a voice to the voiceless. 

Art has been a tool to record the history and times we are living in, so he employs it to express how he feels and he looks at socio political and environmental issues and brings them into his photographic work.


The artist has participated extensively in exhibitions in London, Botswana, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Uganda, Namibia and in Zimbabwe from 1991 to 2020. He has also received several awards between 1999 and 2015 from Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa. 

Ncube has carried out many commissioned artworks in Zimbabwe, Botswana and the Czech Republic and has participated in several workshops in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa. These workshops involve school children, street kids, young artists, local community children and school leavers. Danisile Ncube has also been featured in many publications in Zimbabwe. 


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