Brook Yashitila | Ethiopia

Experience: Brook Yeshitila, born in 1982 (may 15), is an inspiring artist who taught himself in expressing his perspectives and ideologies through sculptures, paintings and installations.

Brook has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), also known as Marie-Strümpell disease, a rare, progressive form of arthritis affecting the spine and large joints of the arms and legs, that made him immobilized except for his arms, for the past 10 years.

Brook presented his first works to the wider public on June 2011, at the group show entitled “Mind over Matter” held at ASNI GALLERY, Addis Ababa. Through this group show, he was able to express his first works to the public that received wide appreciation. His works included paintings, sculptures and installations. But his major breakthrough was on his show entitled, “The thirteen months” that displayed his works in sculptures and installations in contemporary fashion. Thesolo exhibition was showed from November through December, 2012 at Asni Gallery. Throughout both exhibitions,
Brook used gypsum, cement, egg shells, barbed wire, hay stack, electric lights, fired bullets and so on, to express metaphors entwined in the artist‟s sculptures, reliefs and installations. The body of work presented in the shows is composed of paintings, triptych and individual pieces, each with its distinct title inviting the viewer to a three dimensional visual poetry of songs of love, passion and endurance.

He has continued to express his artistic visions in exhibitions at the National Museum, African Union, and Capital Hotel and continues to show his works at a mini gallery found at his home. He has also used his name to become an inspiration to thousands of Ethiopians and foreigners as well.

Brook Yashitila | Ethiopia

Selected Works

Untiteled 3, Acrylic on canvas, cm 80 x 100
Untitled 2, cm 80 x 100
Untiteled 4, Acrylic on canvas, cm 80 x 100 (2)

Participating Exhibitions