Artist in Residence program: Pamela Enyonu in Venice

Resident Artist 2022: Pamela Enyonu, Uganda

AKKA Project is pleased to announce that the artist Pamela Enyonu has been selected for the fourth edition of ‘AKKA Project | Venice Artist Residency‘.

Pamela Enyonu was born in 1985 in Kampala, Uganda.

Pamela’s style is inspired by stories, materials, and the process it takes to transform them into works of art. Her works present a tactile and 3-dimensional quality that richly layered textures exploring narratives on gender, identity, empowerment, and self-awareness. She confronts with themes that deals with Ugandan (African) women and their experiences.

Pamela will have an enriching experience within the city of Venice and the Italian territory. This experience will create new points of encounter and interaction with the cultural heritage, the local and international art scene. The artist in fact will have the opportunity to work with artisans in Venice, using their material and expertise to create works that reflect both the atmosphere, culture, colors of Venice, and her soft and intriguing style.

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VENUE: Venice, Italy
START: 27/08/2022
END: 31/10/2022