Art Dubai 2021

VENUE: Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, UAE
START: 29/3/2021
END: 03/4/2021

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The 14th edition of Art Dubai will take place from 29 March – 3 April 2021, at Dubai International Financial Centre.

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“My pieces prove that objects of violence can be transformed into something positive and something beautiful.”

Participating Artists:

Gonçalo Mabunda was born in 1975 in Mozambique and currently lives and works in Maputo.

He’s interested in the collective memory of his country which has only recently emerged from a long and terrible civil war and he works with arms, recovered in 1992, at the end of the sixteen-year conflict that divided the region.

Gonçalo gives anthropomorphic forms to AK47s, rocket launchers, pistols, and other objects of destruction. His work takes on a striking Modernist edge akin to imagery by Braque and Picasso.

Goncalo MAbunda, People's passion in current times, 2021

Nwaneri Kelechi Charles was born in 1994 in Nigeria and currently lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kelechi’s style stands between Photorealism, Surrealism, and Postmodernism but perfectly fits into what he defined Contemporary Surrealism. Inspired by events happening in his daily environment, he creates art with surrealistic imagery. A major characteristic of his work is the use of West-African Iconography, mystical, metaphysical, allegorical concepts, and the Black Hybrid Figure, inspired by the idea of scars and African Tribal Marks.

Kelechi Nwaneri, Tourist at the Lagoon, 2020

Filipe Branquinho was born in 1977 in Mozambique and he currently lives and works in Maputo.

Branquinho is a multi-talented artist, he studied architecture and follows a dual career as a photographer and illustrator.

Brought up in an environment closely connected to Maputo’s journalistic and artistic spheres, Branquinho’s aesthetic combines familiarity with the architecture and the “school” of Mozambican photography. Filipe fuses genres like portrait and landscape and proposes a reflection on social issues related to the contemporary reality of Mozambique, its folkways, mythology and urban dynamics.

FIlipe Branquinho, Angel, from the School of thieves, Lipiko series, 2021