Mrembo is swahili for ‘the beautiful one.’  This image was also shot in relation to the meantal health series, wrapped up in my head. When you are struggling with keeping your mental health stable,  self esteem issues also arise. You will not see any beauty within, and all you will want to do is hide behind a mask.

Women and labels

We live in a culture of labels, whether we like it or not we will be judged by how we look, how we act or by the choices we make. Society continues to hold expectations of how women should behave which are not always aligned with what we want or what will allow us to succeed and when we don’t meet these expectations the judgment can be harsh.

Wrapped up in my head IV 

I started the series Wrapped up in my head in 2018. At the age of 22 still young, but feeling very suffocated by life. And I realized Many people were in the same boat, but the conversation of mental health not loud enough. On the outside life seemingly very rosy for many, looking like they have it all but in the inside feeling very lost and sad. Some keeping hope alive and battling with it one day at a time,  while others don’t make it out alive.

Caged II

Struggling with mental health, can feel like a heavy burden has placed on your shoulder and you have been forced to carry it day in day out. It can feel like you have been placed in a cage built specifically for you and you confined within it.

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