Charles Fazzino - Thanksgiving promotional sales

Charles Fazzino, one of the most popular and highly-collected pop artists of all time.

Inspired by Fazzino’s statement “It’s all about celebrating the joy and fun we have as human beings on this planet” AKKA Project is delighted to present you a selection of artworks by the American pop artist Charles Fazzino and on the occasion of Thanksgiving treat you with a super offer.

This is a limited time offer, discounted prices will be valid until 28.11.2021, 12 am CET; The shipping cost is not included in the price; Please send your inquiry for further details.

New York 

From the Empire State Building, to the Guggenheim Museum, and Central Park, Charles Fazzino’s New York pop art collection is bustling and bright, playful and passionate, mystical and magical; his New York compositions capture a moment in time forever. Legendary skylines and distinctive architecture give you the unique New York experience.

Loose yourself in the rhythm of New York 


People who visit Dubai talk about the lavish lifestyle, the grand scale, the man-made islands, and of course, the Burj Kalifa, the world’s tallest building.
Fazzino captures the essence of this magical place surrounded by clear green seas and gilded white beaches.

Let the glow of Dubai catches you 

and Beyond…

From Venice to Paris…and Beyond!
Charles Fazzino’s magical 3D creations form a gateway to the world. Through them, he tells us of his travels and teaches us about different cultures.

Let’s discover our unique selection

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