African Art sets on fire the auctions houses in London!

The African artists, generally neglected by the secondary market, finally begin to receive adequate recognition. Museums, critics and fairs are increasingly oriented to include art from those states. Sales of the latest Sotheby’s and Bonhams auctions are a decisive moment of consecration of contemporary African art.

Sotheby’s first auction in the sector has shown that by providing contemporary African artists with an international platform, the response of collectors and institutions is lively and receptive. It’s a fact that contemporary African art entered in international markets. The demand for works created by African artists is growing, and the prices of art objects sold on the market are increasing. There is no single reason for this rapid rise. Surely people today are much more used to seeing and appreciating the art of other cultures. The new mechanisms of information brought by the Internet and globalization are also to be considered. Whatever the reason is, we see many institutions organize exhibitions and events related to contemporary African art. Surely the appointment of Okwui Enwezor (Nigerian and American art critic) as curator of the Venice Biennale in 2015 was fundamental to encourage this important growth. The whole world is directing its gaze towards African art while in Africa itself there are mixed signals. In South African realities already quite structured, and interesting biennials spread across the continent. Some new auction houses are already being born as new fairs appear on the African art scene as Art X Lagos that counted with 5,000 visitors in three days. It’s fundamental to take advantage of this tendency to create permanent institutions, schools and art centers in situ and encourage artists to grow and create.

What it’s certain it’s that African art is producing and the world is waiting to invest on it. Evidence of this new trend is exhibited in the prices of works of art in auction houses around the world, which have doubled or tripled over time. Africa has finally begun to receive adequate recognition and we hope it’s only the beginning.

Four of the artists who exhibited at AKKA project have been successfully auctioned by Sotheby’s and Bonhams and make us proud to support their work.
Let yourself be fascinated by them:

Armand Boua
Goncalo Mabunda
Ismael Kataregga
Mario Macilau