About us


Showcasing unique Contemporary Art from Africa and cultural initiatives to Dubai and Venice.

AKKA Project (which stands for A Kostic Khachatourian Art Project) is a commercial gallery and project space conceived to promote and support predominantly artists from the African continent.

AKKA Project works in direct contact with the artists and their creative process, whether it is for a traditional commercial art exhibition or for a non profit multidisciplinary cultural event.

AKKA Project presents exhibitions and immersive art experiences throughout the year. The aim is to go beyond the usual one-dimensional offering expected of an art gallery, and instead present dynamic exhibitions, which are accompanied by vibrant and heartfelt cultural occasions.

We make sure that every artwork or project communicates a personal journey of where it has all started together with unique experiences in exploring the African art scene and its kaleidoscopic diversity.

AKKA Project has its galleries in two iconic cities: Dubai and Venice.
We engage and connect with locally based art consultants, curators and institutional organizations, ultimately, aiming to connect Dubai‘s recent and flourishing art scene, with the city of Venice, the legendary host of the old masters and the Biennale and the mother of all, AFRICA!

AKKA Project is a proud partner of ArtAndAboutAfrica.com  and producer of the National Pavilion of Mozambique, La Biennale d’Arte 2019, Venezia.

Meet The Founder

Lidija Khachatourian | Thinker

Lidija is captivated by the cultural diversity of the continent. While exploring with her family the Sub Saharan Africa she started engaging with many artists by building her family collection.
Being closely involved with a wide group of artists she decided to start what today is known as Akka Project, and focus on promoting Contemporary Art from Africa.
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Akka Project, Lidija was also the curator of the National Pavilion of Mozambique at the Venice Biennale 2019.
Given the experience gained and following her passion and the will to further support and sustain the African art scene, she designed Art And About Africa.